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Jon Shaw | Owner and Head of Boxing

I have over 25 years in experience within boxing - having had over 60 competitive fights winning multiple titles along the way. 15 of those years are hands on in coaching positions. I have taught 100s of boxers - ranging from complete beginners to Professional fighters! My boxing team has won over 20 different titles as a collective over the last 3 years.

I also have vast experience within the fitness industry. I have a deep understanding on fitness, weight loss, toning, cardiovascular fitness and preparing people physically and mentally for competition - where applicable. My philosophy is to provide a platform that allows individuals to develop as well as succeeding their own preset goals and ambitions!

- 15 years coaching experience
- BSc with Honours Sports Coaching degree
- 60 fight + record
- Full ABA Boxing coach
- Level 3 Personal trainer qualification
- UBL Heavyweight Midlands Champion
- ICB Cruiser Weight Commonwealth Champion
- ICB Heavyweight English Champion

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