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Childrens Boxing

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Childrens Boxing (4-9yrs)

These classes are delivered by Jon DP Shaw and Danny Walder.

All children's classes are suitable for girls and boys of a mixed ability. The main philosophy of these classes is to provide a safe and structured learning environment that is not only fun but also allows for child development. These classes provide coaching on the introductory principles of the art of boxing, such as, The Stance, Guard, Footwork and basic punches. The main aim is to give children a fun but fundamentally correct introduction into the sport.

Some of the benefits include;
- Fun
- Respect and discipline
- Self defence
- Inclusive learning environment
- Fitness
- Meet new friends
- Learn something new

Platform for boxing competitions What classes are included:
- Mondays: 5pm - 6pm
- Wednesdays: 5pm - 6pm
- Friday: 5pm - 6pm

12/13 taught classes per month.

- £6 individual classes.

How to book your space:
Please just attend any of the timetabled boxing classes. There is no need to contact the club. Just take that first step and attend.

Important Information

Everyone should arrive ahead of time and come with the intention of learning. You are expected to participate to the best of your ability and follow closely what his being taught.
On arrival you should sign in at the desk and make payment for the session if you are on pay as you go. Active members should still sign in. All memberships must be paid on time via the Go Cardless platform.
You should then proceed to the changing area and ensure all bags and personal belongings are left tidily in this designated area.
Every student should come with the intention of improving and helping others to improve. You should work effectively with all the other students.
You should wear appropriate sports clothing. We do have gloves for new students to borrow but this is only for the first couple sessions. You are expected to bring your own equipment as this is far more hygienic and safer.

As a minimum you will need:
- Boxing gloves
Adults (16oz)
Youths (12-16oz)
Children (8-10oz)

- Hand Wraps
- Mouthpiece

Those wanting to progress to sparring need:
- Head Guard
- 16oz Gloves
- Groin Protection
- Chest Protection (females)

The facility itself should be treated with respect. You should also treat every single person in it with respect. This includes all coaches and fellow students.
You are required to take away all your items at the end of the class and ensure the areas you have been working in are cleared and tidy. This includes empty drinks bottles. Any equipment left will be stored for a week then disposed of.

Any student that has bled should ensure the areas that have been used are cleaned and sanitised to a high standard. You should also inform the lead coach.
Water and other sports related drinks can be purchased at the club.
*Chewing gum is banned from the gym. Anyone chewing gum will be asked to leave.
All the above standards should be met. It is also important to consider that you all represent the club, so good behaviour is essential outside of the club.


Any issues or queries,
Please speak to Jon.

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